Why there is no support offered for the tools?

The tools on this page were developed to solve a problem or to satisfy a necessity and were not created for commercial profit, we decided to share this tools with the rest of the community as open source tools so everybody can benefit from it.

So, No support at all?

If you have a problem with the tool you can open an issue on the github page of the tool, and we will get to it eventually, keep in mind that you wont get support immediately and usually it will take a long time to solve or get back to you regarding the issue. If you need immediate support contact Bokeh Solutions for paid support.

I wan to contribute, How can I do it?

Great! thanks for at least consider to contribute to these tools. Go to the Contribute page for each project to know how to contribute

Who is behind this tools?

All this tools were created by engineers with a lot of experience in different areas, this engineers are associated to Bokeh Solutions.

What is Bokeh?

Bokeh is pronounced BOH-KÉ™ is an effect used in photography where the subject is pictured against a soft out of focus background…

Why Bokeh?

We use this term to constantly remind us that on today businesses IT, Networking and Security it is an important part of your business and sometimes they are relegated to the soft out of focus background… The tools offered on this page were developed with this in mind.

Under which License are you distributing all these tools?

Usually the license is GPLv3, to know for sure go to the Github repository of each project and read the LICENSE.md file