Open Source Projects

Wan Emulator

Do you need to emulate WAN Conditions like Delay, Jitter and Packet Loss? Take a look at this project...

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Config Replicator

If you need to gather information or send the same configuration from/to many devices simultaneously you have to look at this project

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IP SLA Monitor

Trying to find a free IP SLA statistic collector and front end, this project will give you what you need...

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IP Flow Collector

Looking for a raw ip flow data collector, very performant that can handle many flows simultaneously, then this project is for you...

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Network Discovery

Wondering how your network looks like?, or how your network devices are connected to each other?, try this tool to discover your network...

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Paste Config

Did you ever found that copying configurations to a busy device does not work as it should?  Use this tool to paste configuration to devices in a controlled way...

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